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Buying a home in Ajijic or the wider Lake Chapala area is the start of your new lifestyle.
Or if you live here already, the continuation of the lifestyle you appreciate and have come to love.
The Lake Chapala area is a popular retirement destination for expats and holiday destination for residents of nearby Guadalajara. 

Use my many years of experience to achieve superior results when you buy a home in Ajijic or Lake Chapala. I am known for matching my buyer clients with their ideal home in a short time. Before moving to the Lake Chapala area in Mexico, I successfully assisted many clients in two other countries for 23 years in buying and selling real estate. I have also been a real estate investor for multiple years.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you too in securing your dream home.

Welcome to our little corner of paradise! You have just embarked on an exciting journey to buy a home in Ajijic or elsewhere in the greater Lake Chapala area.

Before we start viewing homes:

  • Determine your cash price range after perusing the Lake Chapala homes by price range listings below the main picture on the home page.
  • Rank your needs, wants and maybe’s
  • Keep in mind that location is the most important and unchangeable factor. You can always make changes to the home.
buy a home in lake chapala
Buy a home in Ajijic

As your real estate advisor and agent in Ajijic and Lake Chapala I will

  • Give you area information and show you the areas that are potentially of interest to you. This will enable you to make a better informed decision about your preferred location.
  • Show you the homes that best meet your requirements and give you local insight on these properties
  • If you do not live in the area already, point out some of the things done “the Mexican way” – different from up north – if applicable
  • Give you information on comparable sold properties
  • Represent you in the negotiation process ensuring your best interest is served at all times
  • Assist you with the removal of contingencies/suspensive conditions if any. Like in the US and Canada home inspections are standard. I can suggest English speaking home inspectors.
  • Guide you in the closing process

If you cannot remain in Ajijic for closing/transfer, you can give someone else Power of Attorney to represent you. A POA drawn up in Jalisco is valid for five years. A POA drafted in the US or Canada can be used if meeting the required standards.

My office will assist with getting accounts for electricity, television, internet, landline, etc put in your name.

For the legal process related to buying real estate in the Lake Chapala area click here.

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