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Below are contact details of service providers without a guarantee for the quality of service. Several services I have used myself and was very satisfied.

Dentist   Chapala Dental Care   Office  376 765 5584

GP Jessica Flores  Office 33 3024 1280, C +52 33 1050 4287


– Farmacia Guadalajara has one branch in Chapala next to San Antonio Hospital and another in Ajijic at the corner of the Carretera in Ajijic and J. Encarnación Rosas which is diagonally across the road of Ajijic Hospital.
– There are multiple small pharmacies and Walmart has a pharmacy section.

SIM cards  Telcel and AT&T. Best place to visit both is at Juan Álvarez, Ajijic in the first block south of the Carretera. In that location both companies have an office close to each other and with English speaking staff. 

International movers GOU  Office  333 666 1404.  Nearest branch is in Guadalajara. Many homes are sold furnished but some people prefer to bring their own furniture.

Tio Corp Insurance company  Office 376 766 3974   for home and car insurance and assistance with renewal of Canadian passports.

Cars There are no new car dealerships in the Lake Chapala area but new and used cars can be bought through
R & R New and used cars and car solutions    Contact through Facebook or
contact R & R by phoning Antonio Regelado at C +52 33 1804 8070

–  S&S Auto. Office 376 765  4800 Located on Hidalgo in Riberas del Pilar

There are many car dealerships in Guadalajara.

The weekly English Newspaper Guadalajara Reporter is available at several stores on Friday afternoon or you can subscribe for delivery.

Mexico Daily – online daily news in English.

Taxi drivers – Manuel Castillo    +52 33 1699 7202 for loner distance, no local trips

                        Mario Medeles      +52 33 2622 6990

                        Angel                       +52 33 1115 4627

                        Salvadore                + 52 33 1744 0958

Steren. Office 376 766 0630 for electronic parts. Located at Laguna Mall opposite Walmart.

Sign up with Amazon. You will need them when you move here. Punctual and great service and saves you driving around in Guadalajara in search of a suitable store for products not available locally. Accepts foreign credit cards.

Tool Town 376 688 1086 Modern self service hardware store at Carretera Chapala a Jocotepec, Carretera Ote. 42 – A, 45920 Ajijic,  which is next to the Ajijic Farmacia Guadalajara. Jesus speaks English.

There are many small Mexican hardware stores – ferreterias – which have a surprising range of hardware. Try the ferreteria opposite Tool Town in Ajijic or the ferreteria near Superlake in San Antonio.

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