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Chapala Lake

Mexico is the best place for expats according to the Expat Reporter 2023

From the ease of settling in and getting started abroad to personal finances, work, and the quality of life, Mexico is the best place for expats. Mexico has ranked in the top 5 since the surveys started in 2014.

The Expat Insider ranks 53 countries based on quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, personal finance and expat essentials which includes digital life, housing and language.

Affordability is a general trend in Mexico. 71% are happy with the general cost of living, compared to only 44% globally. Housing (6th) is a particular highlight, as expats say that accommodation in Mexico is not only easy to find, but also affordable (7th for both)

Expats have consistently enjoyed the Local Friendliness (1st). Most find the local residents to be friendly in general (91% vs. 67% globally) and towards foreign residents in particular (89% vs. 65% globally). About three in four expats (74%) say that it is easy to make local friends, compared to only 43% globally.
This is probably one reason why expats in Mexico have a personal support network (2nd) and are happy with their social lives overall (4th).

Mexico secures another 1st place in the Culture & Welcome Subcategory. Expats report that it is easy to get used to the Mexican culture (1st).



Sometimes called Mexico’s largest expat hotspot. The expats are mainly from the US and Canada but increasingly also from other countries.
The large numbers of expats make it easy to establish your new life and social circle while also enjoying Mexican culture, art, history and beauty. And all of this with a lower price tag than you were used to till now.

The climate is great, the area is a haven for artists, there are many clubs, English language theatres, restaurants.

The Lake Chapala Society is a large community with mainly expat members which arranges social activities, courses, has a restaurant, has art and educational facilites for Mexicans, etc.

Visit Ajijic and Chapala and the general Lake Chapala area and see for yourself why so many have chosen this area as their new home.

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